Barford Heritage Group 2018 AGM

Annual Report

Wendy Barlow

Wendy Barlow

We are very sad this year that Simon Rutherford, who only recently joined us, has died. We all liked Simon and were hoping to work more with him over the years.Our sympathy was extended to Stella, his widow, and she has joined the group and is indeed is set to be an excellent organiser/researcher.


There have been nine meetings over the year plus a number of meetings to sort out information and artefacts and photos for storage. Archiving has been a major piece of work this year. During The year we have taken over some space in the drama group area of the scout hut storage. For this we are paying £20 per quarter. It will save an enormous amount of time and effort having storage so close to the village.


In March Jackie from WRCC came to tell us about some exhibitions she was arranging and wanted our help with information about Joseph Arch in return she gave us some information about Westham house.The exhibitions covered the history of WRCC and showed changes to Rural life over the past 80 years. We were very happy to help out.


The website has been very well organised by Kirsty and Ed over the year and with some extra training we feel we are going in the right direction.We have had to make some changes so that our website complies with the new GDPR legislation.Various things have been done to cover privacy.Ed had suggested a newsfeed for the website and Kirsty feels we should have a news and events item on the website.


Barford Saint Peters school has been interested in village history over the year and we have been able to lend them support and artefacts.They are currently cataloguing the changes in the village and they have borrowed our large cutout families.


Millenium plaques have been given to Jan Bradley and Alan Roberts.


Chesham’s yard put on an exhibition about Joseph Arch and Kirsty liaised with the group helped by Wendy.It was an excellent exhibition and we are very happy to liaise again with the group and to support the work in WellesbourneThey also had some of our Notable Women write ups to display alongside their own work on local strong women of the community.Our thanks to those who visited and supported.


The telephone box has now been restored and has had a number of displays in it over the year.The current display is for Christmas organised by the village sewing group.


Ken Hope has been working to find out more about the bus shelter and its War Memorial.He has produced an excellent document about the shelter, It’s history, funding and building. He has also got the Imperial War Museum to list the shelter as a war memorial. This is listed as memorial 76682.


The school has reinstated the Caroline Hewitt memorial and on the 23rd of April presented a posy of primroses which was laid on Caroline Hewitt‘s grave. The primroses came from the garden of the Hewitt’s old house and we are hoping to have some of these plants to grow in the school garden.  Photos were taken by the Courier and sent to Hewitt School in America. The American school has 100th anniversary of its foundation in 2020 and they would like us to contribute something.The Hewitt board has also been reinstated in school thanks to Gerard. Many thanks also to Ann McDermott for her research and Brenda Semple for the primroses.


World War I event to celebrate/remember the end of the Great War.The Church was booked for this on the 10th of November and a small exhibition was put up for people to look at and read about the men who didn’t return from the war and those that did. It was intended as a quiet time of reflection. We played our CD of war poems, music and reminiscences of the men at the front.We left the exhibition up for the school children on the Monday as they had been working on something similar.


Doug has enough information to produce small booklets which concern  various village family’s -the Hunts and Carters so far .Doug has produced these and they are proving popular.Doug Has also let Warwick bookshop have copies of ‘Barford be Prepared


Our Heritage tree noticeboard on the green has been replaced. Thank you to Carol for all the sterling work on getting it replaced.


In September we put on our notable woman evening which was very successful. Over 60 people attended and thoroughly enjoyed the readings given by our talented crew.The cast had researched and written up their own scripts and performed them to a background of linked pictures.We covered the amazing lives of Eleanor Archer, Olive Shirt and Nurse Randall, Carolineand Harriet Hewitt, Mary Barlow, Lady Howard, Muriel Carter and Ann Penn Malinger.Well done everyone and thanks to all our helpers who make these evenings so successful and in particular or technical director Alan McDermott.


The tree survey was not progressing so well so it was decided to put a page in the parish magazine asking people to give us details of the trees in the gardens. We have had a number of returns from people through email.


Events for next year.


Notable woman book/leaflets

Website development.

Joseph Arch centenary.


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